I am going to keep this brief today.  I had some news yesterday that was very sad indeed.  A friend of mine told me about a story she read in our local paper.  There was a young mother 36 years old and her 6-year-old son.  One night their home burnt down.  Now they were able to get out of the home before it went up in flames.  As if this weren’t enough for a person to handle a couple of days later mother and son were crossing a road and they were hit by a drunk driver.  The 6-year-old boy died at the scene of the accident, the mother was taken to hospital and she survived.  The driver that hit them was  nineteen years old.    I thought how much can one person bear.  It’s enough to handle losing one’s home, and yet this woman is also been given the task of mourning her child.  I  have been thinking about her and sending her thoughts of peace and love.  Apparently she and her son only relocated hear recently so who knows whether she will want to continue living here.  It really made me think about how fortunate I truly am.  Even that nineteen year old faces a closed future.  ” There, but for the grace of God go I.”     All these things to think about.