My fear has been holding me hostage for far too long and I let my creativity lie dormant.  Now I am coming out of that dormant stage and I am seeing that it is safe to create.  To trust oneself with the gifts that we are given is one of those things that have challenged me most of my life.  A friend of mine and I completed writing the first in a series of Cozy Mysteries during the fall last year and we are at work on the second one.  After we have a couple of chapters under our belt we will begin the task of marketing our first and the series itself.  I am starting to understand that I need to trust and have faith in myself and the road that I needed to take. 

     I do believe that we need to go through somethings in life and we cannot avoid or go around them.  I have other projects that have been gathering dust, while I have been learning about courage.  I am ready to go ahead and to write about the experience of moving ahead.  I am going to get back on the main road of my life, I’ve been on this side road for awhile.  You know you are heading in the same direction, yet somehow you are slightly off course.  I have found many tools over the years that I am now going to rely on and I look forward to sharing that with others.