Well, I have been sorting things out again and found that I needed to take a step back and  make sure that the foundation is stable.  I am taking a course on-line entitled “Building Great Sentences:Exploring the Writer’s Craft”, and let me tell you it is quite a revelation.  This course is really making me read and write with a new found passion.  The craft of writing is coming to mean so much to me.  I am beginning to understand that in the past I was seeking to understand the craft of writing.  I was looking at complicated  definitons and not able to interpret those definitions.  Maybe those that were sharing the information were not clear about what they were sharing.  I now feel that I am on the right track.

   I have also been doing the internal work that really lays the foundation for all the work that we do in the world.  I believe our true purpose for being here can only come from within.  To quiet the chatter and to find a peaceful way to create and to explore is really what I am after.  In the weeks to come I will be sharing more of these thoughts and ideas with all those who are interested.  I am truly blessed with abundance and ideas that are shaping my life.