Well, another week and it is becoming clear that I have had to dig a little deeper and remember what inspires me.  I get ideas from all kinds of things .  I might have a conversation with someone who makes me look up more about what we spoke of or it may be something I have read myself.  I also find that the things that I may want to write will tell me what  form they should be written in whether it be a short story, a poem, an essay or even a novel.  I am beginning to understand that it could be a particular word or subject that just speaks to me as a character or as a string of words that play out in a rhythm.

I reminded myself as well that I love listening to all kinds of music that give me images and ideas that really work to spark my imagination.  I get a series of images and thoughts from listening to pop music such as Imogen Heap and other artists of that caliber.  I look at photos and artwork from all time periods and again come up with my own ideas of what they could mean.  Life is so great that way!  So look for your forms of inspiration and be guided to the fullest extent of  your potential as a writer, an artist or creator in any form.