Do not be afraid of your potential, do not be afraid of your ideas and your creative drive.  One word, then another and next thing you know you have created a poem, a story, an essay!  That’s like learning to walk, we did it one step at a time, and we are walking all of the time.  We just seem to take it all for granted and you know expressing our soul is no different.   We just needed to allow that expression.  It’s so wonderful to be courting the muse again and to be expressing myself.  To be in awe of the world once again! So go out there today and explore the world with your muse guiding you to a blissful place.  My muse always guides me to the right music, the right books, the right words if I allow it to.  Today, I am drawn to writing this while listening to Sheryl Crow’ s album “Wildflower”.  May your days and nights be filled with deep inspiration .