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What is this thing called “Creative Genius”  I am always hearing about and where can I get some?  I am here to tell you that “You Have it!” and “I Have it!”  We are all creative geniuses and we find it within ourselves through listening to our heart and following the threads of passion in our lives.  In this case, I am not talking about romantic passion that you feel for another person, I am talking about what inspires us.

WordPress.com is certainly full of creative genius!  I follow a couple of blogs that are inspirational and creative.  I am passionate about baking, so I follow “Crumbs of Love”.  I am also inspired by art so I follow “ZephyrCat’s Art Journal”.

As I said last week I am going to talk about individual projects.  One of my current projects is  to overcome my fear of putting poetry out there.  I have so many ideas about poems to write. Then I become like a horse coming up to the jump  and getting skittish.    I am going to the well of inspiration and courage for the poet in me.   I’ll fill you  in  on my progress next time. What a fabulous world we live in that we have a well of creative genius to drink from.  So go out take a long cold drink and slake your thirst!