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This is the day to seize the courage! I am opening up my heart space and moving into a brave new venture of sharing my personal creative work.  I know it is time to walk out of my fear.  I invite all of you to look at what you have been afraid to do, whatever it is and take a chance on yourself, whether it be opening up to a person, a place, an idea or anything else you feel passionate about.  As Iyanla Vanzant said”When you step off a platform or let go of the rock you are clinging to into the dark one of two things will happen, you will land on solid ground or you will learn how to fly”.  I desire to fly on the wings of creativity and expression.   My poetry will be in a separate blog   that will be connected to what I am talking about here.  Identity and self discovery are part of this journey and I did not realize how afraid I was to share my poetry with anyone, I was cut- off from my heart in more ways than one. I  just stacked them up and away on a shelf for another time.  The time has arrived!