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I got cold feet after putting some of my  poetry out there and all my fears came to the surface. “Our fears come to the surface to be healed”, that’s what I had to remember.  I have decided to surrender it all over to the universe and I do want to learn and to improve my writing and that means taking a risk.  Today I want to write to you about what I am surrendering :

(1) “I surrender all that I have believed in the morning of my life.”

(2) “I surrender all that has been holding me back.”

(3) “I surrender my limiting beliefs about myself.”

I surrender, I surrender, I surrender! I understand now that surrendering is not giving up, in fact it is the opposite.  I will boldly carry on and share as I have something to share.  I will plunge into the world of poetry writing and it can only get better.  I will also carry through on all of my other creative endeavors.  So, if you find yourself at the point of surrender then be sure to let the universe take you in its hands and deliver you to your purpose and destiny!