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Last week, I wrote about surrender and one of the most challenging aspects of that is being in the moment, like the title of  Duran Durans’ latest title track release “All You Need is Now”:  really that’s all you have.  We are so often regretting something from our past or fearing something that may or may not happen in our future.

The moment is precisely where we need to be , then and only  then can we be free of all of all of the constraints of our “EGO”.  My “EGO” is always getting in the way!  I am like a frightened child in a very dark and dangerous room.  I keep running away from my perceived past and continually stumbling in fear over what “might” be in my future.  When “EGO” narrates your life it confines you to a narrow definition and understanding of life.  As I have been surrendering I have found my “EGO” getting in the way! That’s starting to slowly change as I recognize what is going on.  I can see the good in me, I can see what I am capable of and I am passionate about creating stories, poetry, and writing my heart and soul out!

Dr. Wayne Dyer‘s definition of “EGO” really hit home with me.  “EGO” stands for “Edging God Out”.  God being the source of all things.  However, you want to label the source of all is up to you and for me it really hits home when I think about the world I want to create and what I want to contribute.  Living in the moment and allowing myself to be free of all the constraints is getting easier every time I face a blank page.  I am free to be me and to express myself and so are you.  Love who you’ve been, who you are and who you are emerging  as.  Believe me when I say they are one and the same person.  Being in the moment is a fantastic feeling and it is all you really need!  It’s all you have.