This week  I wasn’t even sure I was going to post and then I realized I did want to share some thoughts with you.  I am going to the“Well of  Inspiration“.  I am refilling my creative gas tank and making sure that I get my thoughts sorted out.  I think this is part of the process.   We all reach points where we have surrendered, we have decided to live in the present moment and then we are exhausted.  That’s what I have been feeling, and now I want to get this all sorted out and continue to progress.  I guess it is really is one step forward and two or even more steps back.  I really want to let go of the old fears and habits that have kept me stuck in the past and that is what I am digging deeper for.  I want to put more poetry out there on my other blog.  I just got cold feet and then  wanted  to hide again!   Stop, that chatterbox, and quench the thirst you have for what you are drawn to do!  I want to share thoughts, words and ideas.  I promise that I will continue to do that and not give up on myself or any of you for that matter!  I would love to hear about you brave acts of creativity.  Put on some music that inspires you, read poetry, pick up a paint brush, write or cook, whatever it is that gives you  a sense of wonder!