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Well, here I am again back in the fold, can’t keep me down for too long.  You know surrendering all of your fears over is a very challenging thing to do, because as you let go more fearful thoughts come up to challenge you!  For me writing is like breathing and yet I am not afraid to breathe, am I?  So,  I asked myself “What’s the problem?”  First of all I care too much about what others might think of what I have to express.  So then I had to ask myself, why?  It’s an old habit, and now I’d like to say that it’s time to break that habit and like Rhett Butler said to Scarlett in Gone With The Wind, “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn!”  I really need to just get going and inspire myself with no thought as to how it will be received.    Let’s be honest with ourselves  and create because we want to, so I will write my poetry, my thoughts, my stories and my ideas and get to know myself better through self expression.  I challenge everyone else to get caught up in the moment and do not hold  back, express your creativity and share your art in whatever form it takes with the world!