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   This month’s edition of National Geographic  Magazine there is a short one page that  states that we are now witnessing the disappearance of Cursive writing.  Students are no longer going to be required to go through this learning process.  This means that handwriting may be one of the lost arts.  I for one am most upset about this as I believe that there is a strong connection between creativity and handwriting.  In fact I always write my work out in long-hand before I  put it onto the computer (even this blog) ; on those lined writing pads or in a journal.   One of the cornerstones of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is ‘Morning Pages’, three handwritten pages per day in order to delve into the creative self.  This is how our brain is said to be wired.  Will we lose that connection or will the brain rewire itself?  I wonder…

     When I pick up a pen which is my first choice of a writing instrument, something happens to my heart that has yet to happen if I go straight onto a key-board.  The only other way I felt that connection was on an  electric-typewriter that I was given as a graduation present (I gave that away years ago).  Even then I always hand-wrote my work first and then typed it out.   Maybe it’s time to learn calligraphy!  There is a beautiful line between the heart and the hand that we were given and I am going to keep that line open.   For me that is the true poetry of life!