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  I was inspired by several different sources this week.  What I have been embracing is the real purpose of my being here on this planet.  I have pondered the meaning of our lives and the reasons why things happen the way they do.  In essence I have been examining the whole thing.  There are certain things that kept coming to mind and I’d like to share those thoughts.  The theme of  fate kept coming up and how it is something we are all  linked to.  Our lives play out in different ways yet we are all connected.

     How this connects to creativity is what has been on my mind and I think that we are all creators and artists in our own chosen stories.  How we play those stories out, what we share with others is really about love.  If you are not doing what you love then you are not living the life you want to be living and if you are not living the life you desire to live then you are creating chaos in the world.

      I am writing because this is where I feel most on purpose.  I love language and  stories.  I  have had a word on my mind for awhile , fluid and my favorite definition of this word is – 1. able to flow and alter shape freely.  This is what I am living to experience!

     Ludovico Einaudi  is one of the most talented composers and musicians today,his music flows and brings you on a journey. His music informs and inspires my creativity.  Whatever you do in your life, however you express your creativity , wherever life takes you; find your own sense of purpose. You will be carried through and on purpose even when you think you are not.  May you come to understand your purpose.