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First,  I want to say “My prayers go out to all the people in Colorado“.

My Chatterbox has been put in its’ place, on the shelf where it belongs.  I am facing my personal demons (fear, self doubt, and all those other negative shadows that lurk in our psyche).  I feel that creative expression is the best way to deal with our inner turmoil.  It can get us through so many things in life.  It has certainly brought me peace of mind and confidence among other things.

When we put our chatterboxes in their place we can hear our inner voice and a spark is present in all that we create.  I am hearing new ideas for stories, poems and essays all the time.  Inspiration is everywhere if we choose to see it!  I send a wish to all of you that you can put aside the chatterbox and find the peace and love you are seeking.  Love is the key to all we create and if we are not creating from love then we really have missed the point.