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Well it’s a bit of a blur this week as I have been searching for something to say about creativity and the whole work is ahead of me.  I have been thinking about where creativity comes from.  It is a gift we all  have and it is inside of us  for sure.  Sometimes I have to tell myself to dig a little deeper.    I was just picking up some tools this morning at the library.  I found a book “FOOLSGOLD Making Something From Nothing and Freeing Your Creative Process” By Susan G. Wooldridge.  This looks likes something that I can sink my soul into.  I will be letting you know all about it as I read through and get some insight.  We can be creative no matter what life throws at us.  In fact adversity may bring about ideas that you have never thought about before.  I have faith that I can create with pure joy and delight if I so choose.  We always have a choice and I am listening to my inner child and letting it guide me. I am always ready when, I put on my headphones and listen to music.  Today, my musical  tool of choice is “Mondo” by Electric Guest! I love their music, it is thought provoking and inventive. Tools are all over the place waiting for you to pick them up.  What are your tools of inspiration?   Be sure to pick them up often and then you will be ready to share.  Let’s create with peace, harmony, and love; these are always in the toolkit!