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“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”Lao Tzu

I am reading my way through “Foolsgold” by Susan G.  Wooldridge and this display quote was at the beginning of a chapter.  After only a few pages I have come to understand many things, one of which I wanted to share with you.

Susan writes “The creative , it seems, is spawned from emptiness”.  This is such a powerful statement to me because I understand what she is talking about.  When we are “full” of so many  thoughts and so much chatter in our heads there is no room for creativity, new ideas, inklings, or whatever we may call the intangible thoughts to enter.  Emptying ourselves out to make room for the new is something we need to do.

When I got rid of the “idea” that I would only be happy when certain things happened in my life I became happy right at that very moment. By emptying out all of my fears of rejection, acceptance came.  By writing and purging myself of old notions of creativity, new ideas came and freedom emerged.  Discovery happens when space is available for it to happen.

Susan also writes “We need to let go of everything that gets in the way of what needs to enter”.  I couldn’t agree more!  So listen carefully to your “self” and open the door, letting out the old and bringing in the new.  I realize creativity like life can be a beautiful adventure!