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I have been reading through FOOLSGOLD by Susan Wooldridge and learning so much that it has been hard to decide what to write about this week.  The thing that kept staring at me as I was working on my poetry and journal writing was about needing to fall-apart.  Susan wrote about free-falling, shattering and picking up the pieces.

This really started to germinate ideas with me about really getting to the heart of who we are and what really matters to us.  Last week when I wrote about courage and Marie Colvin it was the beginning of a new lease on life for me.  I began to think about what needed to happen in order for me to live the life that I had in mind.  Then I was reading Susan’s book and falling-apart came to me as an important idea.  It stuck with me through all of the things I was doing.  Now put that together with courage and  it all makes sense.  “We need to have the courage to fall-apart in order to come to our truth.”  We can start to make room for ideas when we let all of the old ideas just fall-apart. The creative spirit can then work with us and through us.  I feel my creativity coming alive as I write this.  Susan suggests that you ask yourself the question: “What in your life needs to fall-apart?”  I hope you find all the treasures you are seeking.  I look forward to writing more. Here’s to self-expression!