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“If you express what is inside of you, what is inside you will save you. If you don’t express what is inside of you, what is inside you can kill you.”                  Gospel of St. Thomas

I am in this creative pulse, I am in a new beat of life, love and movement!  Out walking, nature is transpiring around me.  I read a new meaning for impulse: inner beat or pulse like breath or heartbeat, our connection to the music of the spheres.  Thank you Susan G. Wooldridge!  I have been reading and loving foolsgold by Susan and I highly recommend this if you are looking to re-ignite your passion for life, and the creativity that is a gift to us all.  This book really gets you thinking in a constructive and thoughtful flow.  I love this one “Let poetry be like a key opening a thousand doors.”   When I was reading yesterday, I was looking up different performers websites and I was so thrilled to come across work I had not heard by Imogen Heap.  One the songs I really like is Minds Without Fear.  I fully embrace the idea that we can do so much more if our minds are without fear.  So my friends, I wish you courage, love and peace in all of your encounters, your creations and your life through the coming days and into the future.  Imagine the brilliant world we can create if we all focus on these thoughts.  We are the courage we wish to have, we are the peace we wish to create, we are the love we desire to share.