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revere – hold in deep or religious respect. “ from the Oxford Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus.   adore,venerate,esteem,admire, worship.

The way things have been going these days has made me stop to think about the fact that I have to remember to have reverencefor my life.  It is one of the principles that I have learned from all of the spiritual teachers that I have read.  If  I listen deeply the creativity I was blessed with gives me access to my true-self.  To have “reverence” means that you honor and respect life in all it’s facets.

I am so fortunate to have the life that I do and it is up to me live with all the purpose and meaning that it holds for me.  Falling in love with the“LIFE” you have is so important and then you can be guided  by the truth for you no matter what it looks like to others.  Honor your life and your truth today by being there for your-self.  In having “reverence”for your  life  and your-self , you then in turn have “reverence” for others and their lives. Remember it begins and ends with each and every one of us.  May peace, love and bliss find you today as you go about your life.