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First of all I would like to say, “Thank-you”, all of you who are reading this and have been on this creative journey with me.   Here in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving early this week and it got me thinking about all that I am filled with gratitude for in my life. The gates of my soul and imagination were flooded with a list so long that I was in awe of the life I have been given.  The Oxford Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus defines gratitude :n. being thankful; appreciation.  Other words are acknowledgement, recognition, thanksgiving.  So here is just a few of the many things that I am grateful for.

I am thankful for all of the emotions I have experienced.  The experience of sadness allows for the experience of happiness.  Being on this earth plane of duality we are blessed with experiencing opposites and to me that is a wonderful opportunity.  I am grateful for all of the events and incidents of my life even the ones my ego has had regrets about . Without these I would  not have so much to write about!  I am thankful for all the people, the books, the movies,  the music, and the situations that have shown up in my life when I felt as though I had lost my way.  The teachers of the spiritual revolution such as Marianne Williamson who wrote a pivotal book in my life, and it is one dog-eared book “A Return to Love”  Debbie Ford “The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers” a course that aided me in forgiveness and embracing my true-self, and to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer who finally got me into meditating and listening to the silence.   Honestly, it would take me all day to name all the people who have influenced my life and made the world a better place simply by being born. Thank-you to all who have shared their wisdom. Thank-you to friends old and new for all the love and the times we’ve shared may there be many more.

I have a very special note of gratitude to share:  This is first to my parents who adopted and raised me as their daughter.  I am proud to be their daughter!  I also want to say that I am grateful to my birth-mother who made a decision as a young woman to know what the best course of action was to take.  Thanks so much for your selfless choice!  I have had an amazing life so far and it all began with your decision.

To conclude I want to say that at the end of each day I do a meditation of gratitude.  I also know that from now on I am going to keep a journal of gratitude.  If we all approach life with gratitude we can certainly learn, grow and become the people we want to be.  So please receive this note of recognition with love, an open heart, an open mind and peace.  Thank-you for being the gifts that you are each and every one of you!