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  “Allow contemplation to visit you often and wisdom will become your companion. Enter the Silence daily and the Silence will enter you.” p.103 of In Love With The Mystery by Ann Mortifee

   After writing what I did last week I really began to think that once again I have been allowing my ego to drive the car down the highway of my life.  It took me off the main road again ; now I am back behind the wheel and I would like my ego to take a back-seat and let me do what  my soul is longing to do. I am back to entering the silence where my heart speaks the truth and I can get a grasp on what is really important.

  This extraordinary book by Ann Mortifee that I have read needs to be mentioned because it is so beautiful and made a deep impact that I could not at first identify.  Yet, it kept calling to me.  I know that everything we go through happens for a reason, and that little side trip with my ego was probably necessary for me in order to remember what I was actually doing and to reawaken to that.  I send prayers and best wishes to those who are experiencing challenging times whether it be nature’s storms or your own personal ones.  Remember to enter a quiet place in yourself and there you will find the strength you need to weather anything. Here  is another thought of wisdom shared by Ann on p.91 of her book:

“Allow life to unfold as the adventure it is meant to be.”

Thank you Ann.