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I have been losing my creative footing lately.  So I decided to drop back into the deeper part of myself.   Part of finding yourself is getting lost at least that’s what I believe.  After doing some deep-listening I have been reconnecting with the vision I have for my life.  I wanted to talk about creativity here and I want to find out about others and their process.  I am a work in progress and I hope to connect with you all out there, please join in and share your thoughts about creativity with me, what are you creating in your life?  I am wanting to connect with others on that deeper more meaningful level.  Nourishment for the mind and the soul are requirements for a purposeful life and believe me when I say we are all here for a purpose.  As Caroline Myss says “All Life Breathes Together”.  Transcend the ordinary my friends and lets breathe a creative sigh of relief.   Caroline also says “No conversation is without meaning”.   So let’s join in the deeper dialogue.   I am pleased to be here on this page reconnecting with you and with the vision I have for my life and my projects.  Thank-you.