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sanctuary– n.1. holy place; church, temple, etc. 2. place of refuge for birds, wild animals etc.  3. a. immunity from arrest. b. the right to offer this.

Where and how one finds sanctuary is what I have been contemplating today.  I find creativity to be my holy place of refuge.  A place to explore and consider is found inside my creative mind.  Writing offers one’s heart and mind  sanctuary from things that are going on in the world that can only serve to break us. Writing is a sacred act that helps us to find our place in the world, to share our stories and to make sense of what appears to darken our lives.  Writing, taking photographs, painting, cooking, composing and any other creative act can only bring light to the world.  We are the creators of our destiny and through our light we will find our way.  When I sit down to write I feel a sense of intense fascination, waiting to see what will come out on the page.  Even the mechanics of writing and creating fascinate me.  May you find your sanctuary and go to that place where you can contemplate what you will share with the world.  I look forward to all of your creations and thoughts.