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Whatever we do in the world, if love is not the reason behind why are we doing it?  When fear is fueling your creations or plans then there is bound to be a problem and an outcome that is not loving.  For as we all know we only have to focus on the lack of love to see it expand and envelope our lives.  I have been observing many events from the outside and wondering what is going on when so many terrible things are happening and I have come to believe that it is to remind us that our focus needs to shift.  Tragedy comes along to remind us what is important, it is time to fall in love with your life and to build that life.  What do you want to create in the coming year?  What mark do you want to leave on this planet?  These are the kind of things I am thinking about as we move into a season of contemplation and the end of another year.

Celebrate your life, your loves and your loved ones.  be thankful for what you have learned this year and take stock of all that you have found.  I found out that love is the only reason to do anything and if love is not behind what you are doing it will go another way.  Finding your way back to love is the path. I send love and prayers to all especially those who are moving through a time of grief and tragedy, you are strong, you are not alone, you are loved and embraced by the universe.  Here is to creating a better world, by simply remembering the reason you are here and that reason is love.