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To often in life we prepare ourselves for failure, then proceed to get so caught up in our failures that we have made no room for our successes.  “Fear” of failure cannot dwell in the same house as success: just as “love” cannot enter where “hate” is barricading the door. It is time to “PLAN FOR SUCCESS” and that may mean adjusting your definition of success.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer talks about how what we focus on expands and if we continue to focus on the things we don’t want in our lives we actually end up getting the things “we don’t want”.  If we are focused on failure it feels to us as if that is all we are.  We don’t even bother trying new things because we are so afraid to fail.  Well I think as Dr. Dyer says it is not a failure if we try, we will produce a result and that result should be seen as a success.  The only failure is in not even trying.  Creative success is more about being brave and bold enough to share your creations and ideas with the world.  Your ideas call to you like children who want to be heard until they are answered.   “YOU DESERVE SUCCESS!” as you deserve “LOVE”.  So go out there and try something that your heart and spirit have been calling you to do!