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When your heart is aching from the changes that are taking place in your life and the world around you, you can always find healing in creativity.  My heart has been tender with the emotions I am experiencing dealing with the changes that are going on in the lives of people who I love and being able to write, to express myself is such a relief.  It focuses me on a task and brings about new ideas and it takes my journey in a new and satisfying direction.  The one thing I can always count on to help me through the changes in my life is the creative process, for it allows the processing of emotions to take place.

May your creative journey be a source of healing and learning for you as you go through  life. Find out what inspires you to create and to heal.  A tender heart can become stronger and deeper as you explore and come to terms with what is causing the ache in the first place. May peace, love and joy find you where ever you are on this journey called life.