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Broken hearts and loss of confidence in creativity have been plaguing my thoughts!  I have been falling into a “sea of anarchy” in my own mind.  Right now I feel like every cliché that was ever written.   The hole of deep despair has been swallowing me up and not letting me go.

I’ve been crying those big fat tears to cleanse this fearful heart of mine.  What are these slights that I perceive?  It has been breaking my heart not to share with you.  To tell you the truth it is one of those situations where I have let myself down and hurt myself before you can break my heart.  Just like when I was a young woman in a relationship with someone and I was going to break up with the man who I was interested in before he could break-up with me.  The self-saboteur!

Well, I promise you this I am here for the long haul! I am a writer and I have to pick myself up by my own bootstraps and take the risks I “know” that I want to take.  To walk down a new street and to commit to the relationship of writer to her  page. Let the love affair resume!   I will be back next week with more of my creative thoughts! I promise.  Make a pledge to yourself that no matter what may come, you will commit to the page and we can all support one another in our creative ventures.