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You are the one who needs to take the lead in the story of your life, stop letting others take the lead away from you.  I have finally come to my senses and realized I need to send “FEAR” packing or I won’t get anywhere in this life that was given to me as a gift to experience and to share with others.  All that I have been writing about up to this point in Charlottes Row Blog has been to lead up to the next steps.  I am going to start talking about more about process and what that means to every person  who creates.  Artists, writers, photographers, actors, musicians and the like.  If you are  creative person I would love to hear from you about your process and how you work.  I am developing a set of questions that I would like  to ask and would love to hear from anyone who is in touch with their creative process and what that means to them.  Also if you are creative no matter what field you work in tell me about that.  I am open to what the universe brings me.  I am lucky to be connected with many creative people, now I want to talk about the process.

“BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, BE AMAZING!”Simon de PuryWork of Art: The Next Great Artist

The great adventure begins and be sure to check out my poetry blog:

Verses On My Sleeve


Thank- you and remember you are BRAVE, BOLD, and AMAZING !