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I believe my creativity came about through necessity, as the only girl in my family with two brothers, playing games by myself lead to me making things up. Sometimes my imagination clicked in out of sheer boredom.  For instance, I can remember being in the car riding down the highway and looking at the rocks and rugged terrain of the coastal mountain ranges of the area I lived in and imagined myself climbing up the sides of those mountains and then I would often picture myself falling-down.  After I would imagine what would happen if I did fall-down.  One of my many ways to pass time in the family station wagon.

I also recall anything that I read, watched on television or saw out in the world got a makeover in my imagination, which definitely worked overtime!  I even made a story up about my parents picking me out of a garden like a vegetable or flower when I was a baby.  This was the story I made up about being adopted. I also played many roles such as Nancy Drew, making up my own mysteries to solve, a talk show host, audience member or a person being interviewed, in fact I usually played all the roles.  I watched the best which was Phil Donahue! I was on his talk show!

As a teenager I was always making up dialogues between characters, writing a romance and poetry.  I kept journals, wrote stories, and much more.  These creative outlets always gave me a sense of safety.  A place where I could deal with any anxiety I was experiencing in my life at the time working things out.

Through storytelling we can exorcize demons, lay things to rest, explore inner conflict, and be whoever we desire to be.  The chance to explore the darker side of ourselves, move toward the lighter side and gain insight.  I have always been one to question things and I always will.  So creativity has and always will play a large role in my life especially in the form of writing.  I would love to hear about the roots of others’ creativity, and I wish you well on your own journeys.