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Creativity is related to all aspects of our lives at least  that’s the way that it works for me.  Through my creations whether it is a story, a poem, a collage or a quiche I am aiming to discover more about my thoughts and my own resilience in the face of challenges.  I am hoping to bring light to the dark, to understand my soul and my purpose for being here.  Science is a form of creativity that advances the world, but so can creative thought, for instance the way one understands the world can be changed by reading a book, hearing a song or watching a TV program or movie.

A good example that is interesting to me is how my life has changed because of thought patterns that have formed due to watching a show such as Supernatural,  it is not about scary things it’s about fighting the “good-fight”, it has changed my thoughts about death, angels, and all the unseen in our  physical world.  There is a new thought pattern in my creative mind that is so much more life affirming and it takes me to a new level of creativity that I did not access before. This is what happens when something resonates with us and then we are able to come to a new level of understanding.  That is what my creations are aiming at!

What a joy it is to resonate and connect with others and to come away with deeper meaning in our lives.  I discover things about others too, it is a co-creation with God and the universe.  The gifts of creativity are ours to explore and I am so interested to hear all about what others are reaching for in their creative lives.  We have so much to explore and this is an ever expanding universal order.  Take care and please keep creating into the light and the dark, let’s find out more about our-selves and each other!  May peace, light and joy be with you.