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To bravely go where no explorer has gone before into the brain of a half-wit creative like myself.  I get caught up in the jumble of all of my ideas and I am looking at what creating and creativity can do for myself and others.  I have plans to share more with you all as  I merrily go along in my life.  I am working out some new ideas and I will be inviting all of you creative people, artists, writers, photographers,  poets, designers and the like to join me on my blog as guests! I want to get your answers to the questions I have just finished asking myself.  If you are interested in being part of my blog please feel free to contact me through this blog.  I am looking at posting a guest interview along with creative work once a month.  I am also going to take the time to write about some of my creative inspirations, the people that really have me thinking and figuring things out.  Until next time :”BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, BE AMAZING” — Simon de Pury