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I had to go back and read and think for awhile and it came into to my mind that I didn’t really know why I was doing any of this! I mean writing, sharing my thoughts and ideas with others or for that matter even figuring myself out.  The corners of my life were not so clear anymore, in fact they were getting down right sharp and pointed, I wasn’t liking where things were headed.  Then it came to me once again that the road to self discovery is never easy and it is often a road that we are scared to take.  We may even find ourselves pulling over several times and wanting to stay in one spot.  Well that’s not what I want to do anymore. No more curling up in the fetal position, no more reacting  to what others are doing or not doing.

I am fortunate that I have so many angels in my life that inspire me everyday, and when I  call upon them, their work and spirit comes to me.  There is Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson,  Susan G. Wooldridge, Debbie Ford and many more that are a source of great comfort and understanding for me when I feel lost on the road.  My map was crinkled up and I got so frustrated, then these guiding figures came to mind, I straightened out that map and got my  compass out once again.

Back on the road again and I know that it is only a matter of time before the words, images and rhythms are flowing once again.  I am creating in order to know who I really am, reaching out to others expressing my unique heart, soul and mind.  Take some time this week friends and do the same for yourself.  Take a look at the map in your heart and see if it is guiding  you in the right direction on your ROAD TO SELF DISCOVERY.  Remember, you are never alone!  Do, feel, express, and be whatever you need to be.