Welcome to the Wonderful World of Barbara Jean Coast

Hi there, guys and dolls!  Today, Andrea and Heather are taking over the blog.  Seems like spring and Easter have given them pause to think about rebirth and resurrection, not only in the symbolic and religious senses, but also of their own lives and projects that have been alive but dormant.  Settle on in and see what I mean.

Andrea’s always been a writer, ever since she could hold a pencil and making up stories since she could babble.  She’s written poetry, articles, short stories — some that have seen the light of day and some that have not yet.  And novels — works in progress that have been sleeping — three major ones in particular that are lying and waiting for her to pick them up and breathe life into them again.

Heather loves telling her stories on the page as well, but also with fabric, shape and color. …

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