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My friends, I have been very busy with the creative life as part of the Barbara Jean  Coast writing team with my best pal Heather.  Now that Death of a Beauty Queen is out there for your reading pleasure, and we are beginning to work on book #3 in our Poppy Cove Mystery Series it’s time for me to answer to some other creative muses that are calling.  In fact I am planning on delving into my creative writing resources and seeing what I can do with some things that I had put aside.  Time to add all the spices into the creative plot!  I want to share that journey with you! It is wonderful to have the inspiration from writing with someone else and then going into your own projects with an added energy and passion.  Make the time to listen to all your muses even if it is a short time each day.


Thank-you friends and I shall be in touch soon with more creative thoughts!