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I have been busy working on my shared creative project The Poppy Cove Mystery series that I write under the shared pen name of Barbara Jean Coast with my co-author Heather Shkuratoff, and had to make some choices about what I was going to do with all of these other things that I was working on.  To be honest with you the questions that I wanted to explore through this blog were still burning a hole in my brain.  All through writing and creating our series, touring the Okanagan Regional Library system this summer and teaching writing workshops those questions have kept nagging at me.  The desire to create never seems to stop calling to me. I want to understand that desire and to keep exploring these ideas.

At this point in time my muse is  always talking to me  and I am ready once again to converse with it each and every day. I want to find out about other people’s creativity and what brought them to where they are on their journey.  I hope that I can count on you to share your thoughts and ideas with me about what inspires you and your process. I am going to be looking back at some of my past blog posts and sharing them again to refresh the ideas that I am so passionate about. It is amazing to me how we can lose our passion along the way and then find it is waiting patiently for us to come back.  May your heart and mind be open to the call of your muse.

Your muse speaks when you are ready to listen.

Your muse speaks when you are ready to listen.