What Are You Aiming to Discover About Yourself or Others Through Your Creations?


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Creativity is related to all aspects of our lives at least  that’s the way that it works for me.  Through my creations whether it is a story, a poem, a collage or a quiche I am aiming to discover more about my thoughts and my own resilience in the face of challenges.  I am hoping to bring light to the dark, to understand my soul and my purpose for being here.  Science is a form of creativity that advances the world, but so can creative thought, for instance the way one understands the world can be changed by reading a book, hearing a song or watching a TV program or movie.

A good example that is interesting to me is how my life has changed because of thought patterns that have formed due to watching a show such as Supernatural,  it is not about scary things it’s about fighting the “good-fight”, it has changed my thoughts about death, angels, and all the unseen in our  physical world.  There is a new thought pattern in my creative mind that is so much more life affirming and it takes me to a new level of creativity that I did not access before. This is what happens when something resonates with us and then we are able to come to a new level of understanding.  That is what my creations are aiming at!

What a joy it is to resonate and connect with others and to come away with deeper meaning in our lives.  I discover things about others too, it is a co-creation with God and the universe.  The gifts of creativity are ours to explore and I am so interested to hear all about what others are reaching for in their creative lives.  We have so much to explore and this is an ever expanding universal order.  Take care and please keep creating into the light and the dark, let’s find out more about our-selves and each other!  May peace, light and joy be with you.


I’m ready!…

Dear friends and fellow bloggers,

I am writing to let you all know that I will be back blogging next week after a little break to juggle the rest of my life! Answering my own questions about creativity, just two more to go!



Answering My own Questions: Part 3- What Do I Do When I am Creatively Blocked?


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The truth is I recognize being “BLOCKED” for what it is.  I understand that it is me fear of what will happen if I “FAIL” or more importantly what will happen if I “SUCCEED”.  There are ways that I work on handling these fears.  In fact I have a number of tools at my disposal.

I go to various wells of inspiration to fix the fears and put them to rest.  I like to pick up books or they call to me such as foolsgold by Susan G. Wooldridge,  Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, Manifesting Your Destiny by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, or a Return to Love by Marianne Williamson just to name a few.  I also refer back to The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford work that continues to guide and inspire me.

Then there are other wells such as music that I listen on my head-phones to while I free-write  in my journal or even a scrap bit of paper.   I find taking a walk, meditating, looking at paintings or photographs, cutting out magazines etc for collage and all of those other acts of creation break down the walls between my fear and my self expression.  I would love to hear from artists in all art forms as to what they find breaks through the blocks that they experience on their journey. I have a very active imagination I am exploring and sometimes even explorers get lost and afraid.  Here’s to another question answered!



Answering My Own Questions : Part 2 : The Roots and Source of My Inspiration/Creativity


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I believe my creativity came about through necessity, as the only girl in my family with two brothers, playing games by myself lead to me making things up. Sometimes my imagination clicked in out of sheer boredom.  For instance, I can remember being in the car riding down the highway and looking at the rocks and rugged terrain of the coastal mountain ranges of the area I lived in and imagined myself climbing up the sides of those mountains and then I would often picture myself falling-down.  After I would imagine what would happen if I did fall-down.  One of my many ways to pass time in the family station wagon.

I also recall anything that I read, watched on television or saw out in the world got a makeover in my imagination, which definitely worked overtime!  I even made a story up about my parents picking me out of a garden like a vegetable or flower when I was a baby.  This was the story I made up about being adopted. I also played many roles such as Nancy Drew, making up my own mysteries to solve, a talk show host, audience member or a person being interviewed, in fact I usually played all the roles.  I watched the best which was Phil Donahue! I was on his talk show!

As a teenager I was always making up dialogues between characters, writing a romance and poetry.  I kept journals, wrote stories, and much more.  These creative outlets always gave me a sense of safety.  A place where I could deal with any anxiety I was experiencing in my life at the time working things out.

Through storytelling we can exorcize demons, lay things to rest, explore inner conflict, and be whoever we desire to be.  The chance to explore the darker side of ourselves, move toward the lighter side and gain insight.  I have always been one to question things and I always will.  So creativity has and always will play a large role in my life especially in the form of writing.  I would love to hear about the roots of others’ creativity, and I wish you well on your own journeys.

Answering My Own Questions First


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Question #1.  What does creativity mean or represent to you?

For me the process of creating is a journey inward, it is a lesson about my true-self, it is a spark that hits me.  I don’t see it as something you can control until you take the idea and shape it, even then I’m not sure that you are ever in control of it.  In fact it seems to me that one is a conduit for the idea.  You are given direction and guided along the way.  I definitely feel lead by an idea that takes hold of me and just sings to me morning, noon and night.  I get fascinated with something and it is there in the back of my mind no matter what else I have going on.

The threads are laid out for me to follow, then the process or journey begins, and reveals itself to me by and by.  One needs to see where it is leading as it goes along.  Looking for the idea, under the idea that first sparks your imagination, that is part of my process.  I ask myself, “What is it about this topic or situation that speaks to me?”  

With each creative project we undertake I believe we are getting to know ourselves, peeling away the layers like an onion.   There is a mix of experiences and lessons on the way to completion of projects.  When we live from our highest potential we can then experience a  truly engaged  soul and that is after all what I believe creativity is about.  So my advice is ask this question of yourself and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with others.  The world is waiting for your light to shine!

You Are The One…


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You are the one who needs to take the lead in the story of your life, stop letting others take the lead away from you.  I have finally come to my senses and realized I need to send “FEAR” packing or I won’t get anywhere in this life that was given to me as a gift to experience and to share with others.  All that I have been writing about up to this point in Charlottes Row Blog has been to lead up to the next steps.  I am going to start talking about more about process and what that means to every person  who creates.  Artists, writers, photographers, actors, musicians and the like.  If you are  creative person I would love to hear from you about your process and how you work.  I am developing a set of questions that I would like  to ask and would love to hear from anyone who is in touch with their creative process and what that means to them.  Also if you are creative no matter what field you work in tell me about that.  I am open to what the universe brings me.  I am lucky to be connected with many creative people, now I want to talk about the process.

“BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, BE AMAZING!”Simon de PuryWork of Art: The Next Great Artist

The great adventure begins and be sure to check out my poetry blog:

Verses On My Sleeve


Thank- you and remember you are BRAVE, BOLD, and AMAZING !








What Happened During Rush Hour or The Creative Repair Kit…


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I have been like a crazy woman in rush hour traffic!  You know the one who pounds her head on the steering wheel and mumbles to herself about how she isn’t getting anywhere with her life.  The one who says “What’s the use” and the guy over in the car next her wonders if she’s trying to tell him something.  She is wildly gesticulating and ranting on, the guy looks at her smiles and waves. She smiles then she stops for a moment and hears a call from within, and no it’s not the radio, it is a voice telling her that she can still get her life on track, time has not run out! It is time to get back into the lane that’s moving and listen carefully and you won’t end up having everything crash down around you. She had been too busy paying attention, but not really listening. “Now that the storm your ego has created is over listen carefully”.

I have been called to read foolsgold by Susan G. Wooldridge again and to pay close attention to what it is saying.  foolsgold is described as a field around us, or  state of being where everything can be transformed by our seeing and creativity.  It describes a paradox, the value in what may seem worthless. My ranting has been so loud that I now know that I have to re-enter my true self.  It is time to get back what I lost in all of the folly, on this road-trip that became the rush hour traffic this writer got stuck in.  My creative process got broken and it has been in need of repairs so it is to a book that centers me that I return.  One creative foot in front of the other.   Find your touchstones and hold them close for they will lead you to a better place.

Writing and Romance (A Creative Affair…)


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Broken hearts and loss of confidence in creativity have been plaguing my thoughts!  I have been falling into a “sea of anarchy” in my own mind.  Right now I feel like every cliché that was ever written.   The hole of deep despair has been swallowing me up and not letting me go.

I’ve been crying those big fat tears to cleanse this fearful heart of mine.  What are these slights that I perceive?  It has been breaking my heart not to share with you.  To tell you the truth it is one of those situations where I have let myself down and hurt myself before you can break my heart.  Just like when I was a young woman in a relationship with someone and I was going to break up with the man who I was interested in before he could break-up with me.  The self-saboteur!

Well, I promise you this I am here for the long haul! I am a writer and I have to pick myself up by my own bootstraps and take the risks I “know” that I want to take.  To walk down a new street and to commit to the relationship of writer to her  page. Let the love affair resume!   I will be back next week with more of my creative thoughts! I promise.  Make a pledge to yourself that no matter what may come, you will commit to the page and we can all support one another in our creative ventures.

When the heart is tender…


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When your heart is aching from the changes that are taking place in your life and the world around you, you can always find healing in creativity.  My heart has been tender with the emotions I am experiencing dealing with the changes that are going on in the lives of people who I love and being able to write, to express myself is such a relief.  It focuses me on a task and brings about new ideas and it takes my journey in a new and satisfying direction.  The one thing I can always count on to help me through the changes in my life is the creative process, for it allows the processing of emotions to take place.

May your creative journey be a source of healing and learning for you as you go through  life. Find out what inspires you to create and to heal.  A tender heart can become stronger and deeper as you explore and come to terms with what is causing the ache in the first place. May peace, love and joy find you where ever you are on this journey called life.

Plan For Success…


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To often in life we prepare ourselves for failure, then proceed to get so caught up in our failures that we have made no room for our successes.  “Fear” of failure cannot dwell in the same house as success: just as “love” cannot enter where “hate” is barricading the door. It is time to “PLAN FOR SUCCESS” and that may mean adjusting your definition of success.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer talks about how what we focus on expands and if we continue to focus on the things we don’t want in our lives we actually end up getting the things “we don’t want”.  If we are focused on failure it feels to us as if that is all we are.  We don’t even bother trying new things because we are so afraid to fail.  Well I think as Dr. Dyer says it is not a failure if we try, we will produce a result and that result should be seen as a success.  The only failure is in not even trying.  Creative success is more about being brave and bold enough to share your creations and ideas with the world.  Your ideas call to you like children who want to be heard until they are answered.   “YOU DESERVE SUCCESS!” as you deserve “LOVE”.  So go out there and try something that your heart and spirit have been calling you to do!